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Convincing Him You Need Couple Counseling

Speaking to a counselor with your significant other will shed light on how you can make your relationship last. The problem is, if your partner does not want to go into couple counseling with you, you will not be able to go through with getting help. It might be difficult to get your boyfriend to agree to go with you. It is very common for the man in the relationship to be less than enthusiastic about getting help.

Pride is often a factor in getting a man to go to couple counseling with you. He might not be used to asking for help. He might be worried that therapy sessions will be full of arguing and crying, and might prefer to take on problems without drama.

It is not unusual for a man to have qualms about someone else telling him how to live his life. If he has never been to a therapist before, he might predict that he will feel scolded and insulted by the doctor. But most therapists will allow both partners to tell their side of a conflict and help solve the problem with compromise. Going to a therapist does mean giving up some pride. But both partners will be able to be more open and honest than they would in their home setting.

Emphasize how proud you would be of him if he were to go to couple counseling with you. Talk about how much you need him. You may be able to touch upon his instincts to provide and be there for you. Give him a chance to understand how important it is to you that you give your relationship the best chance of a future.

The cost of couple counseling might be another factor is turning your man off. An average counseling session is $100 without insurance. He might be right, you might not be able to afford to go to a therapist together. But if you are able to get a price range from a few local therapists around you, you will be able to put the expense into prospective.

If you have insurance, there is a chance that you can receive coverage for couple therapy sessions. At the very least, you might be covered for the initial session. You will learn how much therapy you need and how long you can expect to see the therapist.

Couple retreats and group therapy are cheaper ways for couples to learn to repair their relationship. Churches and other organizations might offer these opportunity for free or at a low cost. Going to a low-cost alternative is a viable compromise for a couple that just cannot agree.

At the very least, you deserve a trial therapy session that will allow you to decide as a couple if you would like to see the therapist again. If you ask your boyfriend to commit to just one trial session of couple counseling, he will likely be happy to try to meet your needs. Do not ask too much of him at first- he might realize after one session that there is nothing to lose.

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