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How to Find or Get a Boyfriend

How to find a boyfriend should be an ongoing newspaper advice column, with weekly tips and interactive Q&A. For the single woman, every friend, relative, co-worker and sometimes even total strangers are overflowing with unsolicited advice on finding a boyfriend. It can be a little demoralizing, leaving you with the feeling that being a single woman is somehow a social disease. Even the most buoyant feminist wants a companion to share in her adventures, but finding that elusive partner can be a daunting task. If you’re serious in your quest to find a boyfriend, a flashing neon sign reading “desperately single” is not the answer. There are a few ideas that will help you without forcing a complete personality makeover.

Enjoy Your Singlehood: Do not treat every event and social activity as a boyfriend hunting ground. Enjoy yourself, relax and don’t fret over being single. Wear clothes that make you feel good; instead of what you think makes you look good. Be confident in who you are, with or without a man.

Take the Blind Date: Your friends care about you and want to help you. They also know your likes and dislikes, so when your BFF says she has found the perfect man for you, there’s no need to roll your eyes or sigh. Go for it! It is just a date to get to know someone. Have fun with it, put on your best smile and your best attitude. After all, you can’t find a boyfriend until you find a date, so why not let your friends steer you in the right direction?

Classify Yourself: The old stigma of classified singles ads has been squashed by the internet generation. Between Twitter and Facebook, everybody is advertising themselves online in some fashion. So why not join an internet dating club? The internet dating scene has revolutionized the way singles meet and greet. You can find sites that cater to specific religions, cultures, careers or special interests. It’s a pretty big pond and the fish are a plenty, go ahead and take a look!

More Play and Less Work: Single women have a tendency to throw themselves into their jobs, leaving little time to find romance. Honestly, unless you’re scoping out a hot guy on the cleaning staff, can you really expect to find a boyfriend when you’re in your office at ten o’clock on a Friday night? I’m not saying you should abandon your career ambitions and party like a rock star all night every night, but perhaps you should find some balance. Your work can be a priority, but so can your social life. If you find yourself blowing off dates because you “have to work”, you might be hiding behind your job.

At the end of the day, you want to find a boyfriend you can share your time with, a companion, a friend and a confidant. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean you are destined to be an old maid. Don’t obsess over your single status, embrace it. Before you know it, you will be drawn to a charming, appealing single guy, who is of-course, trying to find a girlfriend!

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