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How To Get Girls To Like You

If you are a single guy and you don’t know how to get girls to like you you’re not alone, in fact 99% of guys out there are asking the same question.

If you are currently single and have been asking yourself how to get girls to like you , the answer is, it is not as hard as you think.
The question how to get girls to like you is a very generalised question. Instead of asking yourself this question, I would ask yourself what kinds of girls do you want to like you? Though I don’t know you personally, I would guess that you don’t want every girl out there to like you.
If you are the kind of guy who goes to the gym regularly, eats well and takes care of himself chances are you would not want to date a girl who is overweight, chain smokes and is basically a slob. When you know what kind of girl you want to like you, you start to get a little more specific on what it is you want. When you know what you’re looking for it is always easier to find.
Most guys have very warped views on what they think they should look like or what possessions they need to own for a girl to like them. If you want to know how to get girls to like you it is important to understand it has very little to do with the way you look and the possessions you own.
The most important factor in getting a girl to like you is the mindset you have about you, or in other words how you feel about yourself. If you want to know how to get girls to like you the beliefs you have about yourself will be the key to your success.  If you don’t like you then why should she?
So what is your mindset about yourself?  I have no idea why but so many guys think they are not worthy to have beautiful women in their life. They will focus on the faults they have and then say to themselves a beautiful woman would never want to date me.
If this is your current mindset then you are totally correct no beautiful women will ever want to date you. Guys who have this mindset about themselves repel woman.
When you have a belief like this about yourself you will become the needy guy in any relationship you enter, as you know nobody likes to be around a needy person, especially beautiful women who have a choice when it comes to dating men.

The guys who are very good with women all have the same mindset which is “I am a great catch for any woman” This mindset is very different from the no girl would want me mindset. When you are talking to a woman with the “I am a great catch for any woman” mindset you come from a completely different place.
The guys, who have a great mindset about themselves, never apologize or make excuses for their desires, if they like a girl they will approach her. They won’t sit there all night and make excuses on why he can’t go over and say hello. If he is talking to a girl and they don’t agree with what he is saying or feels about a certain subject he will never say he was just kidding to get her approval.
You will never get a girl to like you if everything you say or do is only done to get her to like you. I want to repeat that because if you want to know how to get girls to like you this is key; you won’t get girls to like you if everything you do or say is done to get them to like you. If currently you are doing this I would encourage you to knock it off and let the other 99% of guys keep doing it.
The only way you will ever get to the “I’m a great catch for any woman” stage is the confidence that you have in yourself. If currently you have low self-confidence I would encourage you to use the fake it till you make it process or look into our coaching programmes.
When somebody asks me how to get girls to like them before I tell them how to get girls to like you I will always tell them how not to get girls to like you . If you keep away from these five mistakes that just about every guy makes, you will find your success with women will dramatically increase.
Are you currently making any of these mistakes?

How Not To Get Girls To Like You: Talking About People Behind Their Backs.
When you are in the company of anybody, women especially never talk about p

eople in a negative way. Personally if I am talking to a girl and she starts talking bad about her friends or an ex-boyfriend it is a massive turn off for me.
If you are talking to a woman and she asks why you broke up with your ex, the alarm bells should ring in your head, this is her giving you a test. If you answer this question never speak badly of an ex even if she was a horrible girlfriend.
The best way to answer this question is “People break up for all sorts of reasons let me tell you why we got together” Not only will this answer blow her mind you now have the chance to tell her what she would have to do to become your girlfriend. Answering like this will not only impress her but it will show her you have class.
Last thing never ever bad mouth her friends, no matter what they say or do. If you start bad mouthing her friends you will force her to choose between you and her friends, you will lose this game every time.
How Not To Get Girls To Like You: Complements To Early On.
When most guys first approach a woman they will try and open the conversation with a compliment. I will tell you a secret if you tell a girl that she is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen she doesn’t believe you, in fact she puts you in the never going to happen bin.
If you really like a girl there is no need to tell her on the first few dates either, this is a mistake so many guys make. If you tell a beautiful woman you like her on the first or second date she will think you only like her for the way she looks.

A beautiful girl knows she is beautiful she does not need you to tell her, she has been told all of her life. Women especially beautiful women don’t want to be thought of as just looks, in fact most beautiful women work very hard at showing people they are more than just their looks.
How Not To Get Girls To Like You: Buying Her Time.
It still surprises me that guys buy drinks for girls as a way of meeting them. They will walk up to a girl and say the words that make me shudder when I her them “ Hi can I buy you a drink” The two main reasons that you should never let these words come out of your mouth are:
If she says no thanks and these days most will, where do you go to from there, you have been very quickly shot down, all you can do is bow your head and walk away, while she shakes her head and thinks to herself, another looser.
The second reason is if you approach a woman and ask if you can buy her a drink and she accepts she will think to herself that it is going to be a very cheap night out for her. She will also think that she has found a new toy that she can have a little bit of fun with, in most cases it will go from buying her a drink, to watching her coat while she dances to waving goodbye to her as she leaves with another guy.
When you walk up to a women and say “Hi can I buy you a drink” she either hears “Hi I really don’t know how to talk to women so if I buy you a drink then you will have to stay and talk to me” or “Hey because of your looks you now own me”
Now I am not saying never buy a girl a drink what I am saying is never try and win her over or use it to start a conversation by trying to buy her a drink, it is totally lame!
How Not To Get Girls To Like You: Being A Push Over.
Nothing repels women more than a guy who is a push over. The “push over” guy just wants to keep the girl he is with happy and will do anything and everything she wants. When a woman feels as if she can control you she will feel zero attraction towards you.

A great example of this is when a guy calls a woman for the first time and says to her “Where would you like to go” or “what movie would you like to see” If you are asking questions like this she will quickly realize that you fall into the “push over” group and will stop returning your calls.
How Not To Get Girls To Like You: Being Clingy.
Never be clingy with a woman. A major turn off for women is a guy who is clingy. You need to learn to give women their space, and let them do things on their own thing. There is nothing more pathetic than seeing a beautiful girl in a bar with a guy who won’t leave her side. You need to learn to just play it cool when you are out with a woman.
The only guys who are clingy are the guys who are insecure about themselves and their own abilities. All woman secretly want the men in their life to be a challenge, they want to work for your affection and attention. If you are clingy, you are not a challenge for her so she will quickly move on to a guy who is and leave you wondering what went wrong.
So did any of the above sound familiar to you, if you keep doing any of the above five things you will always struggle approaching and dating women. So now you know what you shouldn’t do here are a few things you should be doing instead:
How To Get Girls To Like You: Be Yourself.

This is crucial if you want to have more success with women. When you are able to be yourself and allow others especially women to see who you truly are it shows that you have confidence in yourself.
These days guys try and play a sort of character when they are talking to women. They think that if she saw the real him she would not be interested. Here is the problem with that; Women are able to very quickly pick whether you are genuine or not. If she feels that when you are speaking with her you are not being genuine, she will think you are trying to trick her. If she gets this feeling she will not want to see you again.
The next time you are speaking to a women just be yourself a women will always talk to a guy who is being himself rather than a guy who is just trying to impress her.
How To Get Girls To Like You: Be Confident.
Confidence is the difference between guys who date regular and guys who date once or twice a year. The simple fact is if you don’t have confidence around women your success will never increase. Women don’t take guys seriously if they are not confident. If you ask any woman what the number one quality they look for in guys they will always say confidence.
Confidence around women can’t be learnt from an eBook nor from listening to cd’s on the subject. The only way you will ever learn to be confident around women is to put yourself in situations where women will be present. If you do this you will start to increase your confidence with women with every interaction.
How To Get Girls To Like You:  Look At Your Social Circle
I will tell you from the beginning this is a very touchy subject for a lot of guys. If you want to have more success with women a great place to start is to have a close look at the people you associate with. Are they good for you or bad for you?
Sometimes a guy’s greatest disadvantage is the group he hangs around with. If you don’t have a group of friends that you can go out and approach women with I would strongly suggest you jump lily pads and find some guys who share the same interest with you.

If you go out with your friends and sit in a corner all night your success will never improve. I am not saying cut them out of your life all together what I am saying is use these guys as the guys you see during the week. Same goes if all your friends are married and when they go out all they want to do is sit in a corner and drink.
Like I said some guys can be very touchy about this, the choice is yours. You can hang around with the guys your with now and have the same success rates you are having now or you can find some guys who are on the same level as you and have some great success.
If you do want to get a new group of “approaching” friends, next time you are out look around for the guys who are approaching women.
How To Get Girls To Like You:  Stay On Your Path
Everybody has dreams and goals, if you don’t I would suggest you sit down and figure out what it is you want from life. For some reason when a guy meets a girl he puts everything on hold, hoping the relationship will make everything in his life better. When you are with a woman it is important to stay on your path.
The only thing more attractive to a girl than a guy who has dreams and goals is a guy actually doing something about them. Most guys think that if they tell a girl they like their dreams and goals she will just laugh at him, funny thing if you do tell a girl what it is you want and what you are doing to achieve it she, will be your greatest supporter.
How To Get Girls To Like You:  You Don’t Have To Be Perfect
So many guys put so much focus on starting a conversation with the perfect opening line. Some guys even take so long to think of the perfect line another guy has started talking to her. I have been doing this for many years now and I can tell you, there is no perfect conversation starter, so don’t waste your time.
Every woman you speak to is different, what some will be responsive to others will not. As long as you are genuine, friendly and confident she will be responsive to you. Don’t waste your time thinking about it, go over and start a conversation about anything.
How To Get Girls To Like You:  Chill.

When most guys go on a first date they are stressing so much they miss out on the fun they could have been having. On a first date most guys minds run at a million miles an hour, they worry if she is having a good time, when and if he will try to kiss her or if they will be having sex later that night. Forget all that stuff and just chill.
When you go out with a girl for the first time you should have a plan of what you will be doing that night, and a backup if something happens. Never ask her what she wants to do for a first date, bring her into your world. Treat it as some time to get to know her a little better.
Forget about kissing her or sleeping with her, if she wants to do either she will let you know, all you need to do is pick up on the signals. Quick tip here: If you have not kissed her during the date never go for the good night kiss on the porch or in your car not only is it lame it is also so cliche.
How To Get Girls To Like You: Have A Life
Women love guys who have a life, they really have no interest in a guy who sits on his computer playing games all night. Having a life does not mean you have to be into extreme sports or anything like that it just means you should have some hobbies or actives you do during the week.
If you are talking to a beautiful girl and she says what did you do this week and you reply watched TV every night that is not building any attraction, instead if you said I have just started doing Latin dancing it shows you are willing to try new things.

Learn to be a guy who is happy to give anything a try, even if it turns out you don’t like the activity you will still have a story to tell. Just like that movie with Jim Carey in it be a yes man when it comes to trying new things, most importantly learn to get out of the house.
How To Get Girls To Like You: Make Her Smile.
Depending on the girl you speak with when she tells you what she is looking for in a guy it will either be confidence and a great sense of humor or a great sense of humor and confidence. Confidence and a sense of humor are nearly always one and two on her list. If you have both you become irresistible to women.
Now some guys are funny while others are not. There is nothing worse than a guy who by nature is not funny trying to pull it off. If you are one or the guys who just is not funny that’s ok, instead of being funny you can be fun. Yes there is a difference.
Being funny is a gift I believe you are either born with the ability to be quick witted and funny or you’re not, it is not something you can learn. When you are fun which anybody can be you talk about things in an exciting way, you don’t take things to seriously especially yourself and you have a great energy when you are talking to women.
If you are not funny and you try to be you will never create attraction with women.
If your not funny learn to be fun, when you can master the skill of being a fun person, it will have the same effect on a woman.

How To Get Girls To Like You: Look Good
Notice I did not say be good looking? There is a big difference between looking good and being good looking. It seems that not many guys these days have much of an idea when it comes to fashion and dressing themselves.
Now I too am not a fashion expert but I will tell you this; Dress to your your body style and shape. If you are overweight don’t wear a tight fitting tee, wear something a little roomier, maybe with a sports jacket over it.
There are many companies out there who are professional image consultants who can assist you with your wardrobe, if you are struggling, do some research and hire one. If you don’t want to do that, ask some female friends what they think about your fashion, or take one with you next time you are going shopping
How To Get Girls To Like You: Be Independent.
Nothing creeps girls out more than a guy in his late 20’s who still lives with mommy and daddy. If you are over 30 and still live with mum and dad it may be time to deal with your clinging issues. Personally I would never date a women over 25 who still lives with her parents.
An attractive quality in guys is showing women you’re trying to make it in this bad old world by yourself. When a women finds out that you still need mum and dad to support you, she quickly comes to the conclusion that if she got into a relationship with you she would also be in a relationship with your parents.
Now don’t take this the wrong way if you are close to your family that’s a great thing, it is also a very attractive quality for women to see, but if you are living in your parents pocket that’s another thing entirely.
If you want to fast track you success with women and really get an understanding of how to get girls to like you , our coaching packages will give you the success with women that most guys only dream of.
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