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How To Get In A Girls Pants

So you want to know how to get into a girl’s pants ? Now that is a great question and it seems to be a question that not a lot of guys ask me.

Most guys want to know how to talk to a girl or how to approach a girl or when they should call girl but when it comes to the subject of how to get into a girl’s pants not many guys want to ask me that particular question, and then they wonder why they might be talking to a lot of women but not sleeping with of women.
The fact is if you don’t know how to get into a girls pants you not going to have sex with her plain and simple. Nothing frustrates me more than watching a guy who seems to be really good with women but when push comes to shove he has no idea how to close a deal. Most girls will give you one chance if you are lucky enough to get this one chance and you blow it you either all into the friendship for ever zone which there is no way of getting out of or she will think that you gay.
Now to answer the question how to get into a girls pants I’m taking it that you already at the level of being able to walk up to a woman and start a conversation with her, I’m also taking it that you are at the level where you already know how to get phone numbers. The fact is if you can’t walk up to a woman and approach her or once you have approached her you can get her phone number you’re not already at this level my advice would be to go back a few steps.
The fact these if you want to know how to get into a girls pants but still can’t comfortably approach a woman forget her phone number there is no chance that you will get into her pants. Now you might be out one night and might just get lucky and things like that do happen the fact is if you don’t know how to handle yourself properly around women you’re probably blow that opportunity as well. So with my belief that you’re already at a higher level lets look at how to get into a girls pants .

It’s no secret that women love sex, most women love sex more than men but because of society most women are very choosy who they sleep with. The main reason that women are choosy who they sleep with is because they don’t want to be known as a whore or a slut. And this is where the age-old question comes in to play why can men sleep with hundreds of women and be known as studs while if women sleep with hundreds of guys they are know as sluts or whores? Now I know you’ve come here because you want to know how to get into a woman’s pants so I’m going to leave the answer to that question for another time.
If you really want to know how to get in a girls pants I’ve put a quick list of five things together. If you follow these leads you will never have a problem in getting in a girls pants.
How To Get In A Girls Pants 1: Comfort
Now I know that this should go without saying but most guys seem to skip comfort building with women. Most guys try to go from the approach to the bedroom within 10 minutes. Though sometimes this does happen it is very rare, so my advice would be to learn how to build comfort with women.
The easiest way to know if you didn’t built comfort with the woman is, if she comes back to your place and she’s keen to have sex with you but at the last minute she pulls away, chances are you didn’t build up enough comfort with her, if a woman doesn’t feel comfortable with you there is no way to go to sleep with you.
How To Get In A Girls Pants 2: Attraction
It’s very important to understand here that guys are visually attracted while women use auditory to become attracted. In simple terms guys are attracted to a beautiful woman because of the way she looks, women are attracted to guys because of the feelings he can create inside her.It is important to understand what attracts women to men.
Now this is a very important fact if you ever ask yourself what’s a beautiful woman doing with an average looking guy there is your answer, he may be average looking but he knows how to create feelings inside of her with his words. Attraction is very important if you want to know how to get into a woman’s pants if you cannot create feelings inside her there is no way you will ever get into her pants.
How To Get In A Girls Pants 3: Chivalry

One of the best ways to create attraction in a woman is to make her feel special. When a woman feel special with you she also feels safe and when a woman feel safe with you she will feel attracted to you and when a woman feels attracted to you she will want to have sex with you.
There is nothing wrong these days with opening doors for women just as there is nothing wrong with treating a woman like a princess as long as it’s done in the right way. The easiest way to tell whether or not it is the right or wrong way is if it appears in natural it’s being done in the right way if it appears unnatural its being done in the wrong way.
There are many great books on chivalry that I would advise you to pick out and have a read of it you don’t understand what chivalry is.
How To Get In A Girls Pants 4: Trust
Trust is very important to women. Women don’t want to feel that as soon as you have sex with her you’re going to run around and tell all your friends because she knows if you do this she may get labelled or laugh at. Another great advantage to having a woman trust you is that when you do go to bed together she will really open up to you.
The best way to build trust with a woman that you’ve just met this through storytelling, tell her stories about when people have told you things in confidence and even though you wanted to tell other people you’ve never mentioned a word of it. Now if you want to know how to get in a girls pants   know that if she doesn’t trust you are going to have to work cut out for you.
How To Get In A Girls Pants 5: It’s Not About Sex
If you really want to know how to get into a girls pants this is the key element. If the woman thinks that you are just using her for sex or being nice to her to get sex you’ll never get into her pants. It’s okay to be indifferent and show her your indifferent to whether or not you have sex.
What I mean by this is have the attitude of look if we have sex it is going to be great if on the other hand we don’t have sex that’s also going to be great. When you come across in different with a woman in regards to sex it takes a lot of the game away from her as most women will use sex as a reward. If a woman ever says to you if you do this or do that I’ll have sex with you just explained to her the not faze either way, don’t be one of those guys who allow women to use sex against you.
I’ve been doing this for a very long time now and I guess at the start I was always wanting to know how to get in a girls pants , over time I found it not to be so important I found that if you learn the skills of attracting women and approaching women getting into a woman’s pants is quite easy when you have the skills to back it up.
I don’t mean to appear harsh here but if you don’t know how to approach women, you have no idea what attraction means with women and/or the thought of just walking up to a beautiful woman and starting conversations scares you I would be more worried about learning the skill sets than I would be about how to get in a girls pants. If you just want to know how to get in a girls pants but not learn the skills chances are you going to be lonely and frustrated or a long time.
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