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How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back ? If you are reading this page chances are that you have just recently broken up with your girlfriend or she has broken up with you and now you want to get back together. When somebody asks me the how do you get your ex-girlfriend back question I always give them the same answer, why do you want to get your ex-girlfriend back?
I ask them this question because the power is always in the why never in the how. If somebody can’t tell me why they want to get there ex girlfriend back it tells me that they are just lonely. If somebody can give me a long list of why he wants her back then we have something to work with. What about you if you want to get your ex girlfriend back why do you want to get back with her?
As I have said many times before 99% of guys have no idea how to approach and date women, so when they get a girlfriend which is not really the type of girl they wanted in the first place the match was far from perfect and will end. Since the guy has no real idea how to get another girlfriend he will think that his world has come to an end.
A break up can be hard especially when it was not your choice to end the relationship in the first place, even if you are the one who ends it, it can still be a difficult period of your life. Sometimes it is ok to get back with your ex girlfriend but most of the times it is better just to move on.
For most guys when they break up with a girl they always think back to the good times, all the fun the two of your shared and how great the relationship was. For some reason we tend to black out all the bad parts of the relationship the arguments, her behavior and/or her attitude.
The first step in learning how to get back with your ex is to determine what exactly happened that caused the break up. You can’t go back into the past, and change what happened, but you can learn from the mistakes that were made and try to learn and grow from the experiences.
So is it possible to get your ex girlfriend back ? Personally I take this on a case by case, some yes it is very possible to get back with her, some no there is no way the two of you will get back together. Now I know that there are people out there trying to sell you an eBook or system that guarantees that you will get your ex-girlfriend back , believe me  you are just wasting your money. I say this because there are so many factors in a break up, there is not one size fits all fix.
When it comes to break ups let look at the two different scenarios and see what the chances are that you will get back together.
You break up with her. Chances are if you broke up with her it will be a little easier to get back together. The question is though why did you break up with her in the first place? Was it something that can be changed or is it something that you just have to put up with? Personally when it comes to relationships I don’t think you should have to put up with anything.
She breaks up with you. Now this is a little tougher. In my experience women will put up with a lot more than guys, if she decides to call it quits, you will have your work cut out for you. It’s not impossible but it certainly is far from being easy.
In my experience I have found there are 5 main causes of a relationship break up. When I am talking about a relationship I am talking about a minimum 6 months of being together, if you were seeing somebody for 2 or 3 months I would not really call that a relationship.
The Big Argument – You have heard it before, you have a big argument and the “That’s it we are over!” normally followed by the storming out of the house or room.  If this is a once off occurrence this is normally one of the easier break ups to fix. The best advice here is to cool off for a few days it is obvious that you have different points of view on a subject and both feel very passionate about them. The question is can you find a happy middle ground? If not then may be this is not the girl you should be with. If this is a regular occurrence then this is defiantly not the girl you should be with.
Cheating – If you have cheated on your girlfriend or she has cheated on you it’s over, there is no coming back from this one. I am not saying that the two of you can’t get back together what I am saying is why would you want to get back together. When somebody has been cheated on there is no trust and with no trust means there is no relationship. I give the same advice to girls if they have been cheated on or cheated on their partner. Now if you are one of these guys who lives in scarcity of women and has no idea how to approach women and for same crazy reason decides to forgive her and get back with a girl that has cheated on him that’s your choice, but hear me it is not a wise one!
Comfort – When two people have been together for a long time they start to get comfortable in the relationship, or in other words they stop putting work into the relationship. Most guys find it very easy to get in the comfort zone with a girl, they put a bit of weight on, stop looking after themselves and take their girl friend for granted. Women don’t do this, most woman no matter how long they are in a relationship for always try and look their best, no woman wants to get in a comfort zone with a man, women need excitement, need to know they are loved and cared for. If you are in the comfort zone that’s ok there are lots of other guys out there who will pinch her from under you. The comfort zone break up is usually an easy fix, all you need to do is show her that yes you got to comfortable and now want to change things up.
Age – How old where the two of you when you got together. These days it seems people get together in the early 20’s. If you got together with somebody at such an early age and have never really dated anybody else, how do you know they are the perfect partner for you? If you have broken up with a girl that you have been dating since your early 20’s before you would even consider getting back together go out on a few dates, see what other options are out there for you, find out for yourself if this was a perfect fit or not.
Grown Apart – People are constantly growing and evolving. The person you were 3-4 years ago will be very different from the person you are now. Peoples values change as do their beliefs and there position in life. If you have broken up with your girlfriend or she has broken up with you because the two of you have just grown apart, this can be a very difficult relationship to get back together.
A major mistake guys make when they try to get an ex girlfriend back is they date other girls they start seeing someone to make their ex girlfriend jealous.  This manipulative, and it rarely works. Never try to make her jealous that is not a good way to get back with your ex. In fact, this will be some of the worst things you could possibly do, because it shows your ex that she simply should move on as you already have.
Other guys will try and get her friends or family to talk her around, or buy her expensive gifts, or send her flowers with a card tell her how sorry he is and he will change or worst of all beg her to take him back.
None of these work. Instead if you decide to try and get back with your ex girlfriend you need to work on you, become the man that she wants in her life. Doing this you will have a best case scenario of getting back together with her worst case scenario you become the guy lots of women would like to have in their lives, it’s a win/win
So should you get back with your girlfriend ?
It could be a yes if:
It was you who decided to end things, until the breakup it was a great relationship, it was outside factors that ended the relationship, you can identify the specific problems that ended the relationship, you are prepared to change your ways.
It could be a no if:
It was them who ended the relationship, the relationship was always hard work for you, you two had very different beliefs on certain subjects, you have already gotten back together more than once, your ex clearly wants nothing to do with you, you are scared you will never meet another girl, you are lonely, you have put everything into the relationship and it never improved.
It will defiantly be a no if:
Somebody in the relationship cheated, they are suffering from mental issues, there are drugs or alcohol abuse problems, or there is physical or mental abuse.
I am not going to guarantee our coaching products will get you and your ex girlfriend back together what I will guarantee is that after the time you have spent with us you can make a much better decision of whether or not you want to get back your ex girlfriend or with the new skills you have learnt decide if you want start something fresh and new.
Our coaching can be designed to suit your current situation and together we can discuss if this is a relationship worth getting back into and if it is how we will get the two of you back together.

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