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How To Seduce A Married Woman

Of all the questions that I get asked how to seduce a married woman is a question a lot of guys ask me.

When somebody asks me this question my standard reply is normally why would you want to seduce a married woman in the first place, are you in not aware of all the single women out there at the moment? Most guys will tell me they know there are lots of single girls out there but there is not another girl like this one, a point that I highly doubt.
Some guys will tell me how much happier she would be with him as she married the wrong guy, you might even try and tell me that because she got married young didn’t know what she was doing. I have been in the industry of helping guys have more success with women for many years now and I can tell you from my experience that if you want to start seducing married women you are going to be in for a lot of heart aches and a lot of headaches.
Chances are if you’re reading this article you are an adult, if you want to know  how to seduce a married woman the choice is yours and yours alone to make, personally I would not recommend it. But I guess this begs the question if it’s not a great idea how come so many guys want to know how to seduce a married woman .
Before we jump too far in I think that it is important to understand that women whether they are married, in a long-term relationship or single love the feeling of being wanted. Maybe it’s for this reason married women and women in long-term relationships still go out with her girlfriends and flirt with single guys now as I’m sure you know some will do more than just flirt.
The reason for this is because a woman loves to be needed and loves when a guy makes her feel sexy. Maybe if more boyfriends and husbands made their wives feel sexy the divorce rate dramatically decrease. It’s also important to note that when we talk about married women I don’t class a woman who is currently going through a divorce as married.
Personally I believe the biggest reasons guys want to know how to seduce a married woman is because they have some crazy belief that there are not many beautiful girls in the world, take it from someone who knows their more beautiful single women in the world than you will ever get a chance to meet. Not only are there millions of beautiful single women out there most of them will be a better fit for you than this married woman and another advantage that comes with single women over married women is they’ll be a lot less problems in the long-term and short-term.
There is nothing more dangerous than a guy who is obsessed with a woman especially a married woman, in most cases the woman will love the attention but it will go nowhere leaving the guy frustrated.
Believe it or not another reason I find that guys want to know how seduce a married woman is because he actually thinks he is helping. He would justify to himself that he is a much nicer guy than the husband and would take much better care of her, to me this is just dangerous thinking.
Now if a woman is in an unhappy relationship that’s her choice she has the choice to stay she has the choice to leave, while we are on the subject how do  you know she is in an unhappy relationship because she told you? Maybe she’s just playing the victim role for attention. Now before I get hate mail I know there are some situations where a woman can’t just get out of a relationship or feels that she can’t get out of a relationship.
Over the years I have met a lot of guys who only chase married women or women who are currently in long-term relationships. I remember when I first heard about this it confused me I thought to myself why would anybody want to chase a married woman or a woman in a long-term relationship, finally I figured it out. The reason why was these guys would only want to bed married women is they know if they sleep with a married woman or a woman in a long-term relationship chances are the woman is not the one anything more from him the next day.
Now I’m a big believer in just because something is true doesn’t actually make it right. I also don’t think it’s any coincidence that these guys at one stage or another have had to duck and weave from a boyfriend or husband who wanted to meet them.
Now just like you I live in the real world as well and I know that there a lot of men who are married and I know that there a lot of women who are married who like to let’s say play on an away ground every now and again. For years and years guys have been labeled the cheaters interesting fact, currently research shows more women cheat on their husbands then husbands cheat on the wives.
One thing you have to keep in mind if you want to know how seduce a married woman is things may backfire and she may want to leave her husband or boyfriend for you, now you have trouble on your hands, as chances are you will have an angry husband wanting to catch up with you. I don’t need to go into too much detail but I can tell you this meeting may not go so well for you.
I know this goes without saying so I’m not going to go into too much detail but if she cheated on her current partner with you, what’s going to stop her cheating on you with someone else?
Now I know a few of you reading this article and thinking that you know somebody who hooked up with a married woman, she ended up leaving her husband, and now they are happily married together. I agree it can happen but personally I just find it much easier and a lot less stress to approach and date single women.
Which brings me to this point maybe instead of learning how to seduce a married woman you should be learning how to seduce single women. Or maybe that’s where the problem is you don’t know how to seduce single women so your become fixated on a married woman instead.
As head of coaching at Learn To Approach my goal is that you understand the fact that you have options out there, as I said before their are millions of single women out there for you. When you finally understand the concept you will find that there will be no need to obsess over one woman, in fact I believe obsession is one of the most unhealthy emotions you can have towards women. Relationships rarely form out of obsession and in the very rare cases that it does is a one-way relationship, the woman normally becomes tied off quickly.
One of our golden rules of Learn To Approach is that you always treat a woman with respect, now if a woman is having relationship problems is not cool to take advantage of that situation. Taking advantage of the woman does not make you a player or a guy who is good with women in fact makes you a loser.
Now after saying all this if you do meet a married woman I’m not saying you have to run away from her but what I am saying should not try to try and pick her up. Chances are if you to pick her up she will pick it up instantly, why not turn this situation into an advantage for you? Married women always have friends and as we know women love matchmaking. If you demonstrate to her that you appreciate the fact that she’s married and not seem to be trying to hit on a she will be instantly setting you up with her friends in mind.
There is nothing more powerful than when a woman says to her friend you have to meet this guy, he’s cool and fun. When a woman speaks highly of you to have friends all the hard work is taken out of it for you.
Married women also make fantastic wing men because they can get into places that you have no chance of getting into, I have been out on nights and had married women walking to a group of girls and building me up before I even walk across. The fact is women trust women even if they’ve never met before, so here you are having a beautiful married woman telling other beautiful women a great guy you are. This is what you call easy approaching.
If you have a married woman doing all the work for you by all means you are most welcome to break my never buy a girl a drink rule.
If you’ve read this article all the way to the end and still want to know how to seduce a married woman that’s fine but your choice but I hope that you have seen their many options out there for you that don’t include knowing how to seduce a married woman .
If you are currently in a situation with a married woman and you like some professional advice on the please don’t hesitate to contact us where we can talk further.