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Secure communication online – the rules

At the beginning of online dating, it is better to use not personal email or profile in the social network, but internal communication system on the site. In case you want to break the conversation, you simply delete the user and he or she will no longer be able to contact you.

Rules of online secure communication

In the process of online dating, you will learn more about the person: what are his hobbies, what books he likes to read, what kind of music he listens. If he or she sends you any links to other sites – do not rush to open them. The reason is simple – unfamiliar and unreliable links may contain viruses that are dangerous for your computer and your personal data.

Do not give money to strangers. Any request for monetary assistance with online dating should make you suspicious. No matter how sentimental the story of your new friend may be, treat it with caution. Would you ask for money from a barely familiar person on a dating site? Surely no. Remember that your financial security is most important! Make your own decisions here. Finally, the meeting should take place at a comfortable place for you watching The decision to transfer Internet dating to real life is better to take in full confidence that you are making the right choice. Do not give new friends your home address immediately, the first meeting should take place in neutral territory.