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Intimate Surgery

Because of different complexes or the invoice left by multiple births, women increasingly go over to the doctor for such intervention. However, these days, intimate surgeries are not only sought by women but also by men. And this is because the results of this kind of operations can solve a problem that has affected someone for years and will also improve self-esteem of the individual. Intimate surgeries are almost considered a specialty in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, and although in many cases the procedure is made ​​merely because of the way our body looks, in some cases health reasons are involved. What his image says it is very meaningful to the individual, may affect their personal, social and romantic life. That is why, for those who may face the costs, intimate surgery comes to the rescue. Every human being is entitled to feel happy with his body. In many cases, nature alone does not provide this feeling, and in these cases is where intimate surgery comes to improve these defects, in male or female genitals, that hinder the development of couple life.

Growing demand

For many years intimate surgery has been practiced. First performed only when the problem was serious and caused harmful inconvenience to the person, today, this surgery is performed when requested and, of course, if the conditions allow it. In Hollywood, Brazil and Spain intimate surgeries are in growing demand. The vaginal tightening, labia reshaping of lower and upper lip, hymen reconstruction, liposuction of the pubic area, including the G-Shot or penis enlargement are carried out daily. It could be said that intimae surgeries have become a trend! Many people find it difficult, distressing and humiliating to see themselves locked in a world where image is worth so much. Even more difficult is to develop sexually with someone when you are ashamed of your genital area. Now that these surgeries are more open to society, people constantly see in them the salvation to their problems.

That’s why their requirement rate is increasing, therefore, there are more and more people without inhibitions awakening or re-awakening to sexuality.

Intimate surgeries for her:

Within the intimate most popular surgeries for women are:
Labiaplasty: This surgery is the reduction or labia remodeling made if for various reasons one is bigger than normal, fallen or asymmetrical to each other (in other words, that are not even, how it often occurs, but they are notably different). These problems are not only annoying and uncomfortable but also prone to vaginal infections, and visually the problem is not attractive and may make it difficult to have sexual pleasure.
Vaginal narrowing: Women, who have had several childbirths, are left with widened vagina that will cause painful and unsatisfactory sexual relations. For them, the solution is this; the cut of or resize of these muscles, improving their elasticity and tone.
Citoplastia: This consists of a small cut around the crown of the clitoris and then the skin is pleated. It is performed in cases of hormonal imbalance, or consumption of anabolic pills, trans-sexuality, and the clitoris is larger than normal, cause’s discomfort or hair growth.
Pubic Liposuction: A procedure recommended for women who have excessive fat in their Mount of Venus, liposuction is performed in this area because are unpleasant to sight, painful and very noticeable.
Hymenoplasty: This is the rebuilding of the hymen, usually performed in women that consider virginity a very important matter, because of their culture or religion.

Intimate surgery for him:

In some clinics, surgeries are requested equally by men and women. They find in intimate surgery, the solution to the problem that prevents them from demonstrating their true sexual being in bed.

The most common are:
Penis enlargement: This surgery is to counter the insecurity that many men have with respect to the size of their penis. This effect can be achieved by two ways: surgically cutting a ligament, which gives the impression that the penis is longer or placing a distracter, which is very discreet, and can, be placed or removed at any time. This treatment is aimed at the growth of penile tissues. The combination of these treatments can achieve an aspect ratio of 3 to 4 extra inches of penis.
Thickening of the penis: For this procedure fat is removed from another part of the body, and then it is enriched with platelet growth factors and then placed on the penis. Then the thickness of the penis, which was a shameful factor, becomes a reason of pride.
Escroplastia: A removal of the extra scrotal. When this happens it looks like a pendulum that hangs from the testicles and even the skin may be macerated. Intimate surgery corrects this problem with very satisfactory results.
Balanoplastia: The injection of bulking agents around the penis glands, when the size of it does not match the rest of the penis. For those with “micro penis” or “hidden penis” intimate surgery intervenes by using three procedures: liposuction of the pubis, the release of the suspensor ligament and fixation to prevent shrinkage of the penis. This surgery removes the problem and gives a great emotional stability to the individual.

When intimate surgery is performed, the patient must refrain from sex for a period of 4 weeks.
Risks and consequences of intimate surgery Intimate surgeries give spectacular results, but they take many risks, for some, the recovery period is a bit annoying, however, the patients do not hesitate to say, it is worth it. Some of the situations that may happen after the operation are:

  • Swelling and edema in the area.
  • Bleeding.
  • Inflammation.
  • Pain.
  • Altered sensitivity.

Urinary incontinence. Although, generally, the urinary area is highly respected in the surgery.
Remember: The genitals are a little different from person to person and is normal to change with age and other circumstances of life as birth or trauma. It is healthy and important to our lives, to learn to love and accept ourselves as we are, with our own natural characteristics. Before deciding to have an intimate surgery, you must consider the risks and the reasons why it is that you want to go through these kinds of procedures. When it is pure matter of aesthetics, you must evaluate your body before surgery and when it is because of flab or fat which denotes, in your genital area, it is necessary to consider that exercise can help a little. It is always better to try conservative treatments, before going to surgery.

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